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Eddora, a premium laminates manufacturer in India, was establised with the objective of revolutionizing the Surface Industry. In a relatively short span of time. we have emerged as a renowned name in laminates, guided by our visionary leaders. Our extensive range of surfaces encompasses the entire spectrum of the industry’s Product portfolio, offering a wide selection of designs, sizes, finishes, and applications.

The development of such a diverse particle board design portfolio has been made possible through the overwhelming response and support we have received from users worldwide. Eddora owes its success to a combination of skilled manpower.

Our Vision

Eddora Particle Board is driven by a steadfast vision to champion eco-friendly and sustainable laminates. Our goal is to continuously reinvent our product range in alignment with evolving global trends that captivate people’s interest. Additionality, we are committed to establishing a robust dealer network, ensuring convenient accessibility of our Laminates for users.

Our Mission

  • Eddora Particle Boards, a cisionary and socially conscious company, is committed to
  • Continuously Developing new surfaces that combine superior quality with affordability.
  • Prioritizing technological advancements to enhance production processes.

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Manufacturer & Supplier of Particle Board in Morbi, Gujarat, India

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We take Immense pride in manufacturing a vast array of particle board options that will revolutionize your interior design experience. Each pre laminated particle board in our collection undergoes rigorous testing and certification processes to guarantee optimal performance, excellence of textures, designs and durability. We understand the importance of reliable and sustainable materials for your projects, which is why our laminated boards are certified by renowned organizations that uphold the highest industry benchmarks.

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